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Edwige Fouvry | Les Deux Collines, 2020 | Oil on canvas | 75 x 75 inches

INDUSTRY EXPERT: Lisa Dolby Chadwick of Dolby Chadwick Gallery, represents an international roster of artists working in traditional and hybrid media. 

Director Lisa Dolby Chadwick has over thirty years of fine arts and gallery expertise and has overseen the development of more than sixteen catalogues and monographs.


"I HAVE BEEN VERY LUCKY TO COLLABORATE WITH DESIGNERS AND ARCHITECTS FOR THREE DECADES. When I work with the best designers, they realize the great value that art plays in elevating a space. That it is not mere decoration but something much more meaningful that should provide an element of depth and spirit to a room."

Éric Antoine | Le Chemin du Cerf, 2020 | Ambrotype | 9.5 x 12 inches

Ann Gale | Gloria with Blue Reflection, 2020 | Oil on masonite | 16 x 12 inches

IN THE DESIGN PROCESS, I REALIZE THERE IS SO MUCH LOVE AND THOUGHT THAT GOES INTO THE SCALE AND MATERIALS OF A ROOM – decisions that have been painstakingly made over time. Sometimes those decisions might be made with existing art in mind. Sometimes the reverse is true. Either way, the art should have an exquisite dialogue with the space.

Alex Kanevsky | Breakfast on the Grass, 2020 | Oil on linen | 60 x 60 inches

Tom Lieber | Pirouette, 2019 | Oil on canvas | 72 x 60 inches

Beth Moon | Black Crested Polish, 2010 | Platinum / Palladium print | 20 x 16 inches (edition of 9)

MY GOAL IS ALWAYS THAT THE CLIENT FEELS A VISCERAL REACTION AND CONNECTION TO THE WORK OF ART. Like a great poem, it can be a doorway into something else. The spirit of play, beauty, contemplation or inspiration. That the art creates energy, tells a story – a sort of additional window into how one might experience a room.

I am waiting for that moment when I know the client loves the art and when we look at it in the room we all feel like jumping up and down. That is pure magic.

Bill Armstrong | Unspoken 1508, 2016 | Ed. of 10 | Chromogenic print | 20 x 24

Éric Antoine | Cerveaux XX, 2019 | Ambrotype | 20 X 16 inches

"Ultimately my goal is to help collectors find art that they love that elevates their space and in doing so – elevates their life."

Sherié Franssen | Night and Day, 2019 | Oil on canvas | 80 x 70 inches

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