by John Seed

Ann Gale and Jennifer Pochinski featured in Huffington Post's "10 Memorable Paintings from 2013"

So, just what makes a painting memorable? I guess if I knew I would be painting some memorable paintings myself but as a writer/blogger who rarely paints any more I have done my best to sort through the many submissions that have landed in my e-mail box in the past few weeks and single out some paintings that I think have real staying power and memorability. One way I chose these paintings was to look at a number of them before bed and then see which ones I remembered in the morning. A simple method, I know -- but it works.

With or without the comments I have provided these paintings make powerful visual statements on their own. These are great paintings, and all of them are fresh off the easel: they give me hope for the future of painting.

Ann Gale | Peter Turning, 2013 | Oil on masonite | 14 x 11 inches

AG: I work from observation, over extended periods, accumulating marks of color, trying to document the sensations flesh, light and space. In Peter Turning, I focused on the fragile and momentary nature of Peter's gesture.

Jennifer Pochinski | The Twelve Year Old, 2013 | Oil on canvas | 48 x 48 inches

JP: This painting came off during one of those losing streaks of painting where nothing good was happening for awhile. Something happened when I went against my instincts to base a painting on Eric Fischl's Bayonne... well just the little girl in white skirt on white background part.

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