Birthday Boy, 2006

Dan Jackson

New Paintings
December 7 — January 27, 2006

December 7 - January 27, 2006… read more

An Unfinished Woman, 2005

Sherie' Franssen

Satisfaction Is Nothing
November 2 — December 2, 2006

November 2 - December 2, 2006 In these works, Franssen struggles for a visual language and the paintings chronicle her progress in depicting the world. During this quest for discovery, there is a great deal of dismantling going on which is reflected in the work. Each time Franssen paints, her surroundings become irrelevant and the process becomes experimental. Franssen avoids defining the work as figurative or abstract, pushing one against the other and creating new forms. The objective of Franssen’s paintings is to allow the viewer to find his or her own narrative.… read more

Gary Ruddell

Small Changes
October 5 — 28, 2006

In this body of work, Ruddell has continued the theme of solitary moments focusing on relationships of adolescence into adulthood. Ruddell seeks to illustrate the small changes of life, only recognizing his feelings once they appear as tangible forms on the canvas. In these paintings, Ruddell’s landscapes are steeped in the particular look and feel of the inlets, beaches and sand dunes near his home in San Rafael where low hills and winding paths meander and end where sea meets sky. Gary Westford writes, “Although themes of fragmentation, isolation and a loss of innocence are recurrent in these new paintings, an equally important depiction of miraculous feats of balance, levitation and dematerialization all serve to create an aura of eternal mystery and melancholy that leads viewers of the work into the realm of visual poetry.” Often featuring his own children, Ruddell says, “Their directions and growth over the years has been a perfect metaphor for how we interact with one another, and many of the problems in the world would be solved if we just learned to interact with each other as man and woman, boy and girl.” Ruddell’s exhibit also expresses these modern day problems with references to the ongoing historical debate of war. The exhibition acknowledges a great tradition of 19th century painters including Albert Bierstadt and Winslow Homer. The beauty of Ruddell’s work lies in his ability to understand and reinterpret Bierstadt’s pantheism and Homer’s sense of loss and reconstruction after the trauma of war. The dramatic effect of sending our children into battle and then as soldiers they become victims is another theme in a few of Ruddell’s paintings. . In “Bystander”, a soldier sits on the steps holding a gun while a younger version of himself is centered in the piece with his hands dipped in oil. In this accomplished exhibition, Ruddell offers story telling at its best with our national history, and personal memory filling in the blanks.… read more

Silk Flowers, 2006

Jim Phalen

September 7 — 30, 2006

September 7 - 30, 2006… read more

A Dream Half-Remembered
July 6 — August 31, 2006

Ken Rosenthal writes of his latest body of work, “Recently while paging through albums of family photographs, I was struck by the realization that many of the picture that were bringing back strong memories occurred before I was born, or at times of places I was not present. These memories were so vivid, yet were indeed false memories. Fascinated with how many of our recollections can be attributed to a photograph, dream or story as opposed to an actual experience, I began to cull imagery from archives of family photographs and personal work.”… read more

Twister III, 2006

June 1 — July 1, 2006

June 1 - July 1, 2006… read more

Inca #1, 2006

John DiPaolo

Recent Paintings
May 4 — 27, 2006

May 4 - 27, 2006… read more

Alex Couwenberg "Black Labeled"
April 4 — 29, 2006

Born and raised in Southern California, Couwenberg draws inspiration from his local surroundings. “Black Labeled” is work that responds to themes of the counterculture- the use of line in tattoo work, the finish associated with hot rod and car culture, the design aesthetic of concert posters. Couwenberg is also more classically inspired. Half Dutch, he relates to the old master’s ability to create light through the use of color and value. The new paintings are equally a product of the artist’s obsession with process and exploration of materials. Shapes are cut from Mylar and then collaged with acrylic paint to the canvas creating luminous interactions of shape and line.… read more

Jeffrey Beauchamp "Mountains, Shoes, and the Laurel and Hardy Rule"
March 2 — April 2, 2006

While Beauchamp’s subject matter is traditional, his experiments with form and color free him from the demands of recognizability. Beauchamp throws unusual shapes and color in his terrestrial mix, resulting in an eclectic and romantic view of our Northern Californian surroundings. These canvases pursue a progressive expression, in which the creations of his imagination are placed in a richly described world. Beauchamp creates compelling landscapes, complex with dark corners and pools of light. These paintings have vigor and imagination that transcend the traditional landscape genre.… read more

Recent Paintings by Shelley Hoyt
February 2 — 25, 2006

“I have dreamt about driving in the fog without headlights. I have dreamt that I could see clearly, but was taught not to see.” Shelley Hoyt Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce Shelley Hoyt’s upcoming exhibit of new paintings and drawings. In this series, Hoyt continues her study of the Bay Area landscape. While her previous exhibit focused on sky filled vistas, these recent paintings are portraits of the surrounding air. Central to these works is the exploration of fog and light. In Hoyt’s paintings, the veiled air pulls familiar and natural surroundings into the realm of the transcendental. The fog both obscures the landscape and makes the air more visible. These paintings do not strive to be obtuse or foreboding rather they are Hoyt’s praise of the fog’s simplicity. Masterfully painted, Hoyt’s small canvases are ephemeral, diffused landscapes in which one can smell the air and see with perfect sight.… read more