Richard Copeland Miller
June 5 — 29, 2003

All the photographs are in black and white; they are a portrait of a world without color, a world in which east and west are one direction. 

-Philip Levine 

Richard Copeland Miller’s first solo exhibition at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery is unfortunately a posthumous one. Richard died suddenly last fall . But he has left us a legacy of ephemeral moments caught by his camera .  The exhibition title, "Still Lives," is one he decided on just before his death , and is rich with double meaning for his family, the Gallery, and viewers of his photos, for he does live on through his still life  images  that capture a timeless world of light, nuance and gesture. Richard Copeland Miller’s black and white silver gelatin prints appear as smoky photographic equivalents to Seurat drawings. It is fitting that Richard’s deeply poetic work was relished by the poet Philip Levine who wrote a forward to Passage: Europe, a hardcover monograph on Richard’s photographic work. In a tribute to Richard’s memory Philip Levine has recorded a tape of poems that relate to Richard’s work. This tape will be played at the opening reception on June 5th and by request during gallery hours. This is an important , and not to be repeated,  exhibition by a masterful photographer.