Doug Glovaski
July 8 — August 9, 2003

Born in 1951 in Saginaw, Mich., he moved with his parents to the small California town of  Los Gatos when he was just seven. He began drawing and painting at the age of nine and continued his studies all the way through high school.

After school, Glovaski went into the work force where he remained for many years working at several jobs. At the age of thirty four Glovaski realized that he wanted to be a professional artist. So he set about formulating a plan to achieve that goal. He began producing work whenever he could....usually at night and on weekends, until he had produced a large amount of pieces. Working with art consultants, his first shows were at local restaurants and cafes in the area. Eventually he would make contact with a prominent local gallery owner and launch a career as a professional artist.

In 1992 Glovaski met and subsequently worked for prominent New York artist Dorothea Rockburne. He would assist her with five of her large wall painting projects. The experience of  being in New York for extended periods of time and seeing the art world up close would profoundly affect Glovaski's sensibilities and was to change the way he thought of his own work forever.