Jaq Chartier

Jaq Chartier: SunTests

Essay by Bruce Guenther. Printed on the occasion of her third solo exhibition at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery, May 6–29, 2021.

Jaq Chartier "creates places where color coalesces and collapses under the force of painting or sunlight, giving up its secrets just as a prism sends light’s rainbow-secret dancing across a wall. Through her alchemical science and formal rigor, Chartier resurrects and immortalizes luscious, saturated color’s fugitive descent through all its incremental hues and tones until there is but a shadow’s edge on the painting’s surface. In Chartier’s SunTests, we too may discover in the work’s fibrillating optical energy a wordless, visceral space between rationality and intuition, pure color and spirituality."

Bruce Guenther, former Chief Curator at the Portland Art Museum

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