Joshua Meyer

Joshua Meyer

Although Joshua Meyer paints from reality, his paintings thwart the notion that there can be any such thing as objective reality. Instead, the figures and forms he chooses reveal the world as filtered through the complex network of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and impressions that constitute his singular vantage point. 

One unifying line of inquiry taken up across the works concerns the role of ambiguity and uncertainty in our lives. “I am more and more immersed in the fragility of all of the truths and ideas we hold dear,” Meyer explains, alluding to the tenuousness of knowledge and the swiftness with which our understandings about the world, others, and ourselves can dissipate. 

This catalogue, which includes essays by Frances Malcolm and Allegra Goodman, was published on the occasion of Meyer's third solo exhibition at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery, Rustle, Sparkle, Flutter, Float, November 7—30, 2013.

24 pages. 12 color plates. Softcover. 2013. 
ISBN: 978-0-9884249-3-7

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