Udo Nöger featured in Squarecylinder

Udo Nöger @ Dolby Chadwick

February 2018

By all rights, Udo Nöger’s paintings should make you shiver. Their interlocking circles and totemic shapes — rendered in a near-monochrome color palette and set atop what appear to be ice flows, frigid waters and overcast skies – issue a chill. Yet looking at them I felt warmed, as if an unseen electrical current had animated the shapes and caused them to vibrate and give off heat. They hang in mid-air like fever-dream visions, palpably real, yet remote — like what I imagine the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton saw when he and his crew were trapped for months in polar ice, seeking an escape route to solid land while battling frostbite and snow blindness.… read more

Visible, 2014

DeWitt Cheng recommends Udo Nöger's exhibition for Visual Art Source (art LTD. & ArtScene)

November 2014

One of the arguments made against traditional painting in our ADHD society is its fixity, which can suggest a certain inflexibility of mind, ... yes, paintings in general do not move or change. Udo Nöger’s paintings, which appear at first glance to be gestural Abstract Expressionism transmuted to a subtle, luminous palette of pale silvery grays, whites and off-whites, change as the viewer moves in and out or changes the angle of view, as well as the level and quality of light falling on and reflected back from the works.… read more