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Tom Lieber: Editorial Feature

February 2017

Tom Lieber, who was educated in Illinois and California and now lives in Hawaii, has explored Abstract Expressionism for forty years. Of the ten large paintings here, the largest two being ten feet tall, shows no wavering from that commitment.… read more

Tip I, 2011

Kenneth Baker reviews Tom Lieber's exhibition "Wired" for San Francisco Chronicle

Painter Tom Lieber works his way out of tight spot

May 2012

Can a painter now practice without irony a style supposed to have burned itself out 50-odd years ago? This question licks like flames at the recent work of Tom Lieber at Dolby Chadwick. Lieber has long plied his own variant of Abstract Expressionism: improvising compositions with a briskness that purports to outrun conscious intention. The reminiscences stirred by a picture such as "Shift Red" (2012) - of Joan Mitchell (1925-1992), say, or Georges Mathieu - intensify the search for glimmers of parody or double-edged paraphrase in Lieber's paintings.… read more

Shift Red, 2012

DeWitt Cheng reviews Tom Lieber's exhibition "Wired" for art ltd.

Critic's Picks: SF Bay Area

May 2012

The new show of abstract paintings by Tom Lieber, his second at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, is titled "Wired," referring not to the twittering electronic group mind, but to the faster pace of life in Los Angeles vis-a-vis Kaua'i, the artist's longtime home. Lieber said in an interview, about island life, "The lines in my paintings are reflections of my walks, and the way things grow here." Accordingly, his sojourn in Southern California has changed his work, too, charging it with new graphic energy. Judging from the preliminary images, the trademark scumbled, brushy mists that used to hover close to the picture plane, parallel to it, have receded into the luminous atmospheric haze, with tangled skeins of brown, burnt sienna, black and gray inhabiting the middle ground, occasionally coalescing into a shape that might be read as a roof or boat's hull--or not. Other works still contain dark soft-edged patches, but they, too, hint at mist and light and enigmatic tumbledown structures, reminiscent of Nathan Oliveira's Site monotypes which were inspired by Turner and that other Venice, stately and serene. "Wired" runs from May 3 to June 2 at Dolby Chadwick Gallery.… read more

Valley, 2010

Kenneth Baker at the SF Chronicle reviewed Descend Ascend,Tom Lieber’s first solo show at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Tom Lieber - abstractionist's art looks alive

September 2010

Stroke for stroke, Tom Lieber paints as well as any abstractionist out there. But he still struggles to pull paintings together, as his recent work at Dolby Chadwick demonstrates. Or perhaps his paintings show us an artist honestly at odds with his own facility or taste, and aware of mannerism as a pitfall that, even after 40 years' experience, he cannot always avoid.… read more