Stephen De Staebler

Stephen De Staebler: Masks

Stephen De Staebler: Masks (2021). Essay by Frances Malcolm. Catalogue featuring De Staebler's clay masks, printed in conjunction with the exhibit, Stephen De Staebler: Masks and Monumental Figures at the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA, November 21, 2021–April 3, 2022.… read more

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Stephen De Staebler

Stephen De Staebler: Matter + Spirit

Illuminating the significance of De Staebler’s practice as never before, curator Timothy Anglin Burgard analyzes the artist’s major pieces. Poet and critic Rick Newby sketches a biographical portrait of the sculptor, and renowned art historian Dore Ashton offers a moving tribute to the artist, with whom she was a lifelong friend. This authoritative volume—published on the occasion of a major exhibition at the de Young Museum in San Francisco—offers an unprecedented glimpse into the sculptor’s studio and process.… read more

Stephen De Staebler


In the spring of 2011, Peter Selz—former curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, founding director at the Berkeley Art Museum, and professor emeritus at University of California, Berkeley—curated the exhibition HEADS at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery. Featuring the art of Irving Petlin, Lucian Freud, Ann Gale, Edwige Fouvry, Alex Kanevsky, Sherie’ Franssen, Jim Morphesis, Patrick Graham, Gottfried Helnwein, Nathan Oliveira, and Stephen De Staebler, HEADS presents a fresh take on a well-worn theme by sidelining portraiture in favor of "the living and dead, portrait and mask, individual and symbol."… read more