Silently the Birds Fly Through Us, 2016 | Acrylic on canvas | 60 x 48 inches

Art ltd reviews Robert Kingston

Robert Kingston at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

July 2016

Viewers lucky enough to have visited both the new SFMOMA, and the Broad Museum in Los Angeles, may have noticed, prominently displayed in both institutions, numerous works by Cy Twombly. Twombly is one of those artists whose work gains power viewed in groups; one sees his scumbly visual language not as constraining but as liberating—a concise, hard-earned idiom that is at once agitated and contemplative, primitive in texture and romantic in aspiration. Fans of Twombly should have no problem appreciating the raw, restrained lyricism of painter Robert Kingston.… read more

Brunelleschi in The Wilderness, 2016

SFGate interview with Robert Kingston

In Robert Kingston's art, delicacy speaks louder than action

June 2016

The gestural violence of Abstract Expressionists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning left its mark on Southern California artist Robert Kingston. But judging from the ethereal paintings on display at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, Kingston ended up going his own way.… read more

Going to San Francisco, 2015 | Acrylic on canvas | 48 x 60 inches

Widewalls previews Robert Kingston

Abstract Expressionism in Lyrical, Reflective Vein by Robert Kingston at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

May 2016

Another great show at San Francisco-based Dolby Chadwick Gallery! This time, the Gallery organizes a Robert Kingston exhibition – an exhibition where the latest work by this great artist will be shown. Kingston has been working with abstraction for years now – work in this style has evolved over the years in a special manner, and is different than other artists. The most important question while looking the artist’s works is: What can be accomplished using the paint? Kingston’s evocative paintings have all characteristics of Abstract Expressionism, while beautiful compositions are so “deep” they create impression of separate spaces on canvas. This is the fourth show with the gallery for Kingston, and be sure not to miss it!… read more