Hide, 2011

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine features Joshua Meyer's exhibition "Rustle, Sparkle, Flutter, Float"

Joshua Meyer: Exploring with Paint

October 2013

Talented and thoughtful artist Joshua Meyer offers his unique perspective on painting, what it should do, and how to give it life. How does one describe Joshua Meyer's painterly creations? They are visionary, impressionistic,… read more

Palindrome, 2013

SF Weekly lists Joshua Meyer's upcoming exhibition a "Challenging and Accessible" fall show

Visual Arts: Finding the Challenging and the Accessible in Eight Fall Shows

September 2013

Using a knife instead of a brush, Joshua Meyer paints canvases that seem like they were scraped into existence. The scrapes and shifts of paint create beautifully abstract works. Except that within Meyer's art are figures — people put together with other scrapes of paint. His work always intrigues.… read more

Art Sake: Studio Views - Joshua Meyer

May 2011

Through persistence and hard work, Joshua Meyer (Painting Fellow ’10) has found that ultra sweet spot where paintings hover between order and chaos. One of the delights of his work is the transformation of the physical material of paint into a seemingly living breathing figure inhabiting an interior life. Let’s take a look at his studio and paintings.… read more

Wild Blue Yonder

Joshua Meyer interviewed by The Jewish Daily Forward’s art blog

Paintings That Hang in the Balance

January 2011

As you stand in the Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco, you can’t be sure if the figures in Joshua Meyer’s multi-layered oil paintings are emerging toward you or receding away into a complex sea of colors. That lack of certainty suits the artist just fine, as he considers his paintings to reside in “a netherworld, an in-between place of frictions, edges and reactions between different things.”… read more

Dislocated, 2010

SF Chronicle: 'Everything in Between': Joshua Meyer paintings

December 2010

Massachusetts painter Joshua Meyer, who uses a palette knife to create works he has referred to as collapsed time, says his works are explorations of the nature of experience filtered through the medium of painting - of how events that occur over days, weeks and months become individual layers on a canvas. The very concept of time, as it is represented in Meyer's oeuvre, is chaotic, unwieldy and not necessarily linear.… read more