Cutting Board, 2008

Jim Phalen

La Nature Morte
October 2 — November 1, 2008

Jim Phalen’s paintings most often present austere arrangements of simple objects laid on a white sheet or countertop. Phalen says, “I often use stark, confrontational compositional choices to make a point, while in other works I allow that process of seeing to take the lead, but in all I’m committed to the practice of painting from life. I paint what’s paintable. Many subjects are, for me, unpaintable. A flying bird, a swimming fish – anything in motion, even a smile - cannot be seen in the manner necessary for it to be painted perceptually.” Phalen’s paintings have no predetermined compositional plan, but rather like a collage in which the pieces form the whole they are about unrelated things that are forced together.… read more

Silk Flowers, 2006

Jim Phalen

September 7 — 30, 2006

September 7 - 30, 2006… read more