Jaq Chartier

Under the Sun
May 6 — 29, 2021

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is delighted to announce Under the Sun, an exhibition of new work by Jaq Chartier, on view this May. Chartier’s vibrant, alchemical artworks are investigations into how materials interact, colors shift, and affective experiences transport and transcend.… read more

Jaq Chartier

In Solution
May 1 — June 2, 2018

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce In Solution, an exhibition of new work by Jaq Chartier, on view from May 5 to June 2. Chartier’s works engage the materiality of her chosen media, highlighting the dynamic and extraordinary properties of different inks, dyes and stains, spray paints, and acrylic resins, as well as the often surprising ways they interact with one another.… read more

Chart with 11 Whites, 2014

Jaq Chartier

A Fever in Matter
April 2 — May 2, 2015

Chartier’s paintings—matter, vitalized—are the result, not of romantic or expressionist ecstasy, but orderly, almost scientific investigations into the properties of color. In this sense, they continue the color-optics explorations of Josef Albers’ famous Homage to the Square oil paintings on panel, compositionally simple yet radiant works composed of three or four squares, variously colored and unmodulated, with their overlapping arrangements implying portals and corridors seen in perspective.… read more