As We Wander We Are Closer, 2016

Widewalls previews Ian Kimmerly

Ian Kimmerly Exhibition Announced by Dolby Chadwick Gallery

December 2016

Best known for paintings exploring the notions of memory, personal experience and self in the digital age, Ian Kimmerly aims to reveal the way technology has influenced the world to uncover how people communicate between each other.… read more

Ian Kimmerly a SF Fall Arts highlight

Fall Arts 2016

August 2016

Once every several years, painter Ian Kimmerly exhibits his work at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, and this is that year — a chance to see the work of an artist who creates canvases that distill distinct elements of abstraction and figuration.… read more

Water Logic, 2012

Jonathan Curiel interviews Ian Kimmerly for SF Weekly

Artist's Statement: Ian Kimmerly on Why Painting Is His 'Crazy Obsession'

June 2013

It was Renoir who said that a work of art "must seize upon you, wrap you up in itself, and carry you away." Interviews with artists should have a similar effect. With "Artist's Statement," our weekly interview series with prominent and upcoming visual artists in San Francisco, SF Weekly speaks to the people behind the art you see in the galleries, in the museums, and in the streets.… read more

The Living Layer, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle interviews Ian Kimmerly about his current exhibition "Continuous Wave" at Dolby Chadwick

'Ian Kimmerly: Continuous Wave': Learning to engage the world intimately despite a flood of social media

June 2013

Distortions - whether caused by digitized blips, the bubbles of a hot spring or the fails of memory - have been a productive source of inquiry for S.F. artist Ian Kimmerly, whose solo show, "Continuous Wave," opens Thursday. His approach, a gestural hybrid of thickly layered abstraction and blurred-out photorealism, emerged from the most mundane of catch-up chores: transferring home videos from VHS and, gasp, Beta to DVD. "There were all these blips in them, and I started making paintings of them and thinking of them as source material," he recalls. "That's how I got into thinking about technology and memory and how those videos altered my experience of how I remember my childhood. I realized I told my family and friends about things that happened only because I saw it on the tapes - I couldn't tell you what happened before and after."… read more

Patience Will Keep You Alive, 2013

Ian Kimmerly's upcoming exhibit "Continuous Wave" is featured in Fine Art Connoisseur

Ian Kimmerly and “Continuous Wave”

May 2013

Ian Kimmerly is an artist who carefully navigates the realms of the physical and the conceptual, the representational and the abstract. His technique is bold and gestural; the marks of discrete, single brushstrokes remain visible throughout his busy canvases. An orchestrated color theme develops in each work, but splashes of bright and unexpected color disrupt any sense of monotony...… read more