Ada Sadler

Ada Sadler: Paintings 2000-2003

Rather than attempting to reproduce a photograph by directly translating it into painted form, Ada Sadler is concerned with capturing a particular photograph’s—always her own—unique atmosphere and reproducing its visceral affects by playing with light and composition. Sadler's work has focused on the lines and light that imbue empty chairs with a solemn yet hopeful character, and, to a lesser extent, vintage, wind-up bath toys from the 1970s.

This catalogue was published by Dolby Chadwick Gallery on the occasion of Ada Sadler’s exhibition fall 2003 exhibition at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery and features an essay by Jemima J. Harr, Collections Manager at the Richard L. Nelson Gallery and Fine Arts Collection, University of California, Davis. 

12 pages. 12 color plates. Softcover. 2003.