Vanessa Marsh at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

June 2019

Vanessa Marsh is a part of group exhibition "Surreal Sublime" currently on view at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. Exhibition Dates: June 22 - September 15, 2019… read more

SFO Museum features new works by Vanessa Marsh

March 2019

The Sun Beneath the Sky continues Marsh's long-term practice of using cut paper, multiple exposures, and dodging and burning techniques to create cameraless photographic landscapes. Each unique print is made by selectively exposing silver gelatin paper to sunlight and then processing the paper in photo chemicals to affix the image. In this way, the artist uses sunlight as both subject matter and medium.… read more

Jenifer Kent and Vanessa Marsh exhibiting at the Palo Alto Art Center

The Sheltering Sky

October 2018

“A black star appears, a point of darkness in the night sky's clarity. Point of darkness and gateway to repose. Reach out, pierce the fine fabric of the sheltering sky, take repose.” ― Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky… read more

Feature Shoot profiles Vanessa Marsh

Eerie, Dreamlike moments made on Light-Sensitive Paper

November 2017

Vanessa Marsh still remembers the night at sleep-away camp when she learned the truth about the night sky: once starlight reached the earth, it had already traveled trillions of miles. For this reason, a counselor told her, the twinkles she saw at night were already old— sometimes even hundreds or thousands of years old. The star itself could have died before she was born.… read more

"Artist As Subject" preview from Blouin ArtInfo

'Artist as Subject' at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco

July 2017

Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, is presenting ‘Artist as Subject’, a special group exhibition to mark the gallery’s 20th anniversary.… read more

Vanessa Marsh in "WILD" at Root Division


July 2017

Vanessa Marsh will be featured in WILD, an exhibition at Root Division running from July 7 through August 12, 2017.… read more

Vanessa Marsh in 'Night Watch'

Exploring the Night

June 2017

Idaho Mountain Express previews 'Night Watch' at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts… read more

Vanessa Marsh in show at Sun Valley Center for the Arts

'Night Watch' runs from June 30 to August 26, 2017

June 2017

The night has long been a subject for painters, poets and photographers. Evoking danger and excitement as well as mystery and awe, night is a time of renewal and transformation.… read more

In Conversation: Vanessa Marsh & Renny Pritikin

April 2017

Conversation between Vanessa Marsh and Renny Pritikin, Chief Curator of the Contemporary Jewish Museum, during the opening of Vanessa Marsh's "Falling" at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery, April 8, 2017.… read more

Maria Porges reviews Vanessa Marsh's "Falling" for Squarecylinder

Vanessa Marsh @ Dolby Chadwick

April 2017

In the 21st century, everyone is a photographer, a camera (phone) clutched in hand at all times. On multiple fronts, photographic art is pushing back against this awful ubiquity. One popular thread of contemporary practice that asserts the medium’s continued power and originality is camera-less work, brilliantly represented in Vanessa Marsh’s current exhibition of photograms evoking the star-filled night sky.… read more

Landscape 28, 2015 | Archival pigment print from photogram negative | 20 x 20, 30 x 30, 40 x 40 inches

Vanessa Marsh's Everywhere All At Once at SFO Museum

February 2016

The photographs in visual artist Vanessa Marsh’s series Everywhere All At Once are mysterious and dream-like, made through a personally developed process involving drawing, painting, and darkroom techniques. Marsh delineates pictorial space by layering multiple two-dimensional planes to create a minimalistic, graphic aesthetic. The work provides a space for the viewer to contemplate their place in the universe and to consider how what is real and what is truth is understood in contemporary experiences.… read more

Mountains 2, 2014 | Chromogenic photogram | 30 x 60 inches

WIRED Magazine covers Vanessa Marsh's 'Falling' series

These Photos of Starry Nights Aren't Of Starry Nights

July 2015

Vanessa Marsh’s images might look like breathtaking photos of starry night skies in the wilderness, but she never left the darkroom. That’s because Marsh doesn’t photograph the stars; she creates them.… read more

Courtesy of the artist and Dolby Chadwick Gallery

The San Francisco Examiner explores Vanessa Marsh's work at CJM exhibition

'Night Begins The Day: Rethinking Space, Time, and Beauty' at the CJM

July 2015

“Night Begins the Day: Rethinking Space, Time and Beauty” which just opened at the Contemporary Jewish Museum is the first collaboration of Renny Pritikin and Lily Siegel, the museum’s new senior and junior curators. It is another one of the shows, unique to the CJM, that asks for you to enter with an open heart to encountering the sometimes difficult sublime. In the catalog essay, Pritikin writes that it was his discovery of the Hebrew word yir’oh - an “amalgam of fear, awe, love and beauty” that gave him the original idea for the show. Twenty-five contemporary artists, working in every form of media, have created the most beautiful, poetic and philosophical show currently showing in the Bay Area.… read more

Oakland artist Vanessa Marsh’s mixed media “Mountains 4” is among the works on view in “Night Begins the Day: Rethinking Space, Time and Beauty” at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. COURTESY DOLBY CHADWICK GALLERY/VANESSA MARSH

The San Francisco Examiner features Vanessa Marsh

June 2015

The intersection of space, time and beauty is the focus of a fascinating exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum — one that urges viewers to reconsider when day actually begins. “Night Begins the Day: Rethinking Space, Time and Beauty” draws on the Jewish tradition of “erev,” or evening. Day begins at sundown, not when the sun rises. There are 35 pieces in the exhibition, which includes photography, paintings, sculptures and installations by established and emerging artists.… read more

Vanessa Marsh, "Mountains 4" from the series Falling, 2014. Chromogenic photogram, edition 3/3 unique prints +1 A/P, 30 x 60 in. Courtesy of the artist and Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco.

SFAQ features Vanessa Marsh

June 2015

The present exhibition at the Jewish Contemporary Museum heralds a new era in the history of the decade-old institution, being the first major exhibition by Chief Curator Renny Pritikin, who was hired a year ago and is just now putting his stamp on the Museum’s evolving agenda. Co-curated by Associate Curator Lily Siegel, Night Begins the Day: Rethinking Space, Time, and Beauty, tackles the big issues, perhaps the largest issues, in contemporary creativity. “What is our relationship to space, time, and beauty in an age dominated by information, uncertainty, irony, and powerful but untrustworthy images? This exhibition is one response to that,” writes Pritikin.… read more

Vanessa Marsh’s “Mountain 4″ from her series “Falling”

ZYZZYVA interviews Vanessa Marsh

Reimagining Landscape: Q&A with Photographer Vanessa Marsh

February 2015

Bay Area artist and photographer Vanessa Marsh’s photographs, currently on display at San Francisco’s Dolby Chadwick Gallery till February 28, are dream-like in their blending of reality and fiction. The enigmatic quality of Marsh’s work is due in large part to her unique processes. Experimenting with several mediums, she is able to transcend realism through subtle manipulations of proportion, lighting, and perspective, without resorting to abstraction. In some photographs (several of which were featured in ZYZZYVA Issue No. 98), she uses models to create miniature scenes. In Man Chopping Wood (2011), for example, a stiff little figure on a lumpy hillside raises an axe above his head pre-chop. The figure’s slightly erroneous proportions and the ghostly backlighting undermine and warp the simplicity of such a quotidian scene.… read more

Landscape #7, 2013. Archival pigment print from photogram negative

Vanessa Marsh show reviewed in SF Chronicle

The cosmos stars in Vanessa Marsh’s haunting artworks

February 2015

Artist Vanessa Marsh considers herself a bit of a physics-documentary junkie. “I am fascinated by the workings of the cosmos and the history of the planet,” she says. Marsh’s new show at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery, titled “Everywhere All at Once,” offers a series of drawings that evoke the haunting, moody and often personal associations we have with cosmic phenomena. The drawings, which include photogramic techniques, summon themes of memory, isolation and the incredible vastness of nature.… read more

Mountains 10, 2014

Becky Chung reviews Vanessa Marsh's "Falling" series for The Creators Project

These Stellar Galaxies and Nebulas Were Created in the Darkroom

January 2015

The photographs we have of galaxies and nebulas aren't exactly as they appear. When we see invisible gas clouds in fantastic hues, they're actually the results of calculated data interpretations and heavy post-processing color work. Artist Vanessa Marsh wanted to explore the artificiality of these images by inventing her own deep space bodies—master paintings birthed in the darkroom—so she created Falling, a series of large format chromogenic contact prints transferred from handpainted negatives.… read more

Mountain 4, 2014

Vanessa Marsh's "Milky Way" from "Falling" featured as Photo of the Day on Photo District News

Manufacturing the Milky Way

December 2014

Oakland-based artist Vanessa Marsh created galaxies and nightscapes by combining painting, drawing and darkroom techniques. These large-format C-prints envelop the viewer, transporting them into the universe. Because the prints are so large, it’s possible (and was the artist’s intention) to see Marsh’s hand-crafted work.… read more

Vanessa Marsh's photography is featured in the fall issue (Vol.29) of Zyzzvya

September 2013

Vanessa Marsh is featured in the fall issue (Vol.29) of Zyzzvya, the famed visual and literary arts magazine founded by Howard Junker in 1985. Twelve photographs spanning from 2008 to early 2013 are highlighted in the issue including pieces from her most recent body of work, Everywhere All at Once.… read more

Family, 2012

Vanessa Marsh’s "Family" acquired for the Richard L. Nelson Gallery, UC Davis permanent collection

May 2012

Richard L. Nelson Gallery, UC Davis Acquires Vanessa Marsh’s Family for the permanent collection.… read more

Vanessa Marsh interviewed for "In the Make" blog

Vanessa Marsh

December 2011

Vanessa’s workspace is in her Oakland apartment in a neighborhood with tree-lined streets, where a pleasant, almost bucolic hush persists. Despite being a bit under the weather, she greeted us with warm enthusiasm and made sure to have some donuts on hand in case we had a mid-morning onset of hunger. I was excited to visit her and have the opportunity to further understand her process because conceptually it hadn’t completely come together for me— I needed to be walked through it and have her explain exactly how she goes about making the work she does. Essentially, Vanessa uses the silhouettes of small-scale models along with layered drawings on transparent acetate sheets to create photographic images. At her desk she was working on a new landscape drawing, and demonstrated her technique for drawing trees— her hand worked quickly, repeatedly moving the pen in short, precise ticks to create the branches.… read more