Terry St. John & Matt Gonzalez: In Conversation

June 2017

Video of Terry St. John & Matt Gonzalez: In Conversation, from the opening reception of Terry St. John's "Figures, Landscapes & Still Lifes: Six Decades of Painting," June 3, 2017.… read more

Dolby Chadwick artists in Clinton interview

October 2016

Works by Matt Gonzalez and other Dolby Chadwick artists appear on the set of Mary J. Blige's 'The 411' interview with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.… read more

Came the abruptness of fiery dawn, 2014

Matt Gonzalez exhibition featured in Juxtapoz


March 2015

Matt Gonzalez’s work is collage-based, utilizing bits of discarded paper products—from advertisements to cardboard containers—that he finds while walking around the city. Most of his compositions feature a highly layered, rectilinear aesthetic that recalls the gridded city streets he traverses and architectural matrixes he passes through. Recent works tend to focus on a single hue, such as red or blue, allowing Gonzalez to explore the nuances of a given color’s range—which is amplified when a work draws on an extensive array of sources—and attend more closely to a work’s sculptural and formal elements.… read more

Matt Gonzalez’s “Came the Abruptness of Fiery Dawn” is a found paper collage.

SF Chronicle previews Matt Gonzalez's exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Matt Gonzalez’s 'Derivé: Situationist Encounter in San Francisco’

March 2015

The collage-based work of Matt Gonzalez includes discarded paper products, ads, distressed packaging and other sources of inspiration that he finds floating about as he walks around San Francisco. These works are at the heart of a new exhibition of pieces at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery, titled “Derivé: Situationist Encounter in San Francisco.”… read more