Water: Moon Glow #513, 2014 l Oil on panel l 46 x 46 inches

Drought Effect: Louise LeBourgeois: Towards Horizon, Towards Abstraction

April 2014

Louise LeBourgeois' current exhibition, Towards Horizon, reviewed in Droste Effect, Italian-English contemporary art magazine based in Bologna, Italy.… read more

"Winter Beach #515," 2013

Fine Art Connoisseur: Louise LeBourgeois's Visions of Water and Sky

April 2014

Meditative images of water and sky, the paintings of Louise LeBourgeois offer a "place of respite" for the distracted and the weary. San Francisco's Dolby Chadwick Gallery presents a solo exhibition for notable painter Louise LeBourgeois. "Towards Horizon" opens April 3, with a reception from 5:30-7:30 p.m. This exhibition marks LeBourgeois's third solo show with Dolby Chadwick Gallery.… read more