Left: The Meeting, 79 x 63. Right: The Doctor, 60 x 60, oil on canvas

Widewalls previews Lou Ros' upcoming exhibition

Haunting and Mysterious scenes by Lou Ros at Dolby Chadwick gallery

June 2016

It’s no secret that many graffiti artists, who grew up tagging abandoned buildings and walls, turn to canvases at some point in their artistic career. Sometimes their style evolves too, becomes more expressive, mysterious, engaging. This is the case with Lou Ros, a French artist who has been painting since the age of 17. While we can still glimpse his roots in street art, his artworks are now more mature, looking to grab the viewer’s attention and tickle their imagination. This summer, his latest body of work consisting of portraits and landscapes will be hosted by San Francisco’s Dolby Chadwick Gallery, in an exhibition entitled SOMEWHERE.… read more