Kai Samuels-Davis | Slipping Away, 2021 | Oil on panel | 20 x 16 inches

American Art Collector | Kai Samuels-Davis: The Clearing

September 2021

Three years ago, Kai Samuels-Davis began preparing for his upcoming solo exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery. It wasn’t until a year ago that the series of paintings began to take shape. “The past year of lockdowns triggered a lot of personal growth, which ended up changing part of my studio practice and evolved the work to better represent what I’ve been going through (since my paintings tend to all be self-reflective),” says the artist. “A lot of saturated pinks, purples and blues appeared signaling a new way of looking at the world and a sense of change and appreciation.”… read more

Jaq Chartier and Kai Samuels-Davis featured in Billions and Russian Doll

April 2019

Two Dolby Chadwick Gallery Artists Hang on the Walls in Hit TV Shows – Billions and Russian Doll.… read more

Paint Smudges and Smears Form Abstract Portraits by Kai Samuels-Davis

March 2019

California-based artist Kai Samuels-Davis layers linear paint strokes and large washes of color to form shapes that are recognizable as faces, but without all of the visual information seen in traditional portraiture. The artist relies on the process to find the image, often starting with a sketch or a simple circle to build upon for the face. Working in a space between the representational and expressive, the artist is able to focus on emotion through abstraction so that the viewer can form their own narrative through each gesture and colorful brush stroke.… read more

John Seed addresses 'Discombobulation' in Painting

Interrupted Images: Discombobulation In Painting Is Definitely A Thing

September 2016

When an invitation for a show by Kai Samuels-Davis recently appeared in my inbox, I had an immediate reaction to his work: “This artist is definitely a discombobulator.” Yes, an explanation is in order.… read more

The Light II , 2016 I Oil on panel I 14 x 11 inches

Widewalls previews Kai Samuels-Davis' October exhibition

Kai Samuels-Davis' Art Evokes Wilderness

September 2016

How can we define “wilderness”? Is it a physical or a psychological place? In Kai Samuels Davis art it is both, as the artist delves into the meaning of solitude, representation and existence at large. For his second solo exhibition at San Francisco’s Dolby Chadwick Gallery, he will present a new series of paintings featuring portraits, landscapes and still lifes, and executed with less traditional tools. Like movie captions, these artworks depict abstract characters frozen in time – their story is paused for a brief moment of reflection, and their past and their future remains unknown. As we stand before them, we witness their slow arrival to this very state and we identify with them to the point where the paintings almost become crystal clear mirrors.… read more

Kai Samuels-Davis: A Shade & A Stroke

Kai Samuels-Davis: A Shade & A Stroke

June 2015

Photos are a great way to retain most of our past memories, but to use them as a reference for painting is quite unique. Sure, painters use people and other objects to create their work, but using pictures is something that is unheard of. By using photographs and frozen film, an artist can take a portion of someone else’s work and then produce an entirely different piece with an entirely different purpose.… read more

From Sinking, 2014

Fine Arts Connoisseur's Jeffrey Carlson interviews Samuels-Davis in "From Private to Universal: Paintings by Kai Samuels-Davis"

September 2014

For experimental figure painter Kai Samuels-Davis, the process of painting is so intimate that not even models intrude on his personal battle with the work.… read more

In the Make features Kai Samuels-Davis

September 2014

If you’ve been reading IN THE MAKE with any regularity you know by now that most artists do not work out of envy-inducing massive, airy, light filled spaces… no, often the artists we visit are making their work in cramped, shared studios with limited light and breathing room. But still they manage to show up in these less-than-perfect spaces and make work that they believe in and are committed to. This reality can be at once daunting and inspiring, and after visiting so many different studios I can’t help but think that the space art is made in somehow, however quietly and modestly, shows through in the work.… read more