Wingspan (detail), 2013

Joshua Meyer

Rustle, Sparkle, Flutter, Float
November 6 — December 7, 2013

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce Rustle, Sparkle, Flutter, Float, an exhibition of new work by Joshua Meyer, on view November 7–December 7, 2013. Although Meyer paints from reality, his paintings thwart the notion that there can be any such thing as objective reality. Instead, the figures and forms he chooses reveal the world as filtered through the complex network of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and impressions that constitute his singular vantage point. Reflecting on Giorgio Morandi, Meyer sheds light on his own practice: “he paints only from reality and only about reality, yet it always seems obvious that he doesn’t trust the facts. And yet his job is to show us the world as he sees it. Art is what we measure ourselves against.”… read more

Accidents that Always Happen, 2009

Joshua Meyer

Everything in Between
December 2, 2010 — January 29, 2011

Joshua Meyer’s work suggests buried histories and ancient secrets. Using a palette knife to work and rework overlapping layers of oil paint, Meyer’s compositions are colorful, dense patchworks of concise strokes. Challenging abstraction’s opposition to representation, solitary human figures are concisely articulated within the luscious impasto. Such dematerialization of form and kaleidoscopic arrangement of color furthermore play with our understanding of space, making it appear as if the figures were sinking back both into the canvas and into time.… read more

The This and That in the Enclosures of Hypotheses, 2007

Joshua Meyer

Scattered Syllables
March 5 — 28, 2009

These figurative works play on the border of true physical representation and abstraction. At once painterly and sculptural, the figure emerges through layers of thick and luscious paint application. Meyer calls his paintings “raw and open” and describes how “each painting tells its own history through its layers, marks and revision.”… read more