Charley Brown acquired by Crocker Art Museum

January 2017

Charley Brown's "Untitled, Bearing the Weight #1" was recently acquired by the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA. Now on view!… read more

Untitled, Trio, 2015 | Oil on pasted canvas | 60 x 84 inches

Widewalls previews Charley Brown's May Exhibition

Abstraction as a Technical and Aesthetic Challenge in Charley Brown Exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

April 2016

San Francisco-based Dolby Chadwick Gallery is organizing another amazing show – this time, it is Charley Brown exhibition featuring new works by this American painter from California. We saw great exhibitions recently at Dolby Chadwick Gallery; for example, the show with works by Ann Gale (on view until April 2), and the show with works by Edwige Fouvry titled Ô temps, suspends ton vol! (on view until April 30). Dolby Chadwick Gallery has announced its second exhibition of abstract paintings by the San Francisco artist Charley Brown. Although Brown distances himself far away from any kind of artistic statement, his art could definitely be described as abstract art, where abstraction allows Brown to explore formal ideas always present in the representational work, but in a condensed and direct way.… read more