Bill Armstrong featured in Lenscratch

Bill Armstrong: Partial Appearances

April 2018

I’ve appreciated the work of Bill Armstrong for a long time. His work sits between the space of reality and dreams, filled with color and nuance. It’s a space of cinematic consideration, leaving the viewer slightly unsettled and at the same time, delighted. Bill has a new project, Partial Appearances, that moves the photograph into artful waters with work that feels painterly and modern. His innate sense of color and design pairs with ghostly figures and the stripped down elements work together seamlessly. He has an upcoming exhibition, EX-Photo: Inside the Museums, a survey of nine photographers working in the Vatican Museums, that will be shown at the Royal Palace in Milan in May, 2018.… read more

Musée showcases Bill Armstrong's work

Weekend Portfolio: Bill Armstrong

March 2018

Bill Armstrong is a New York-based fine art photographer who has been shooting in color for over 30 years. He is represented by ClampArt in New York and Hackelbury in London as well as numerous other galleries across the U.S. and Europe.… read more

Bill Armstrong in Creative Boom

Soft photographs of silhouettes of people that look like fine art paintings

March 2018

At first glance, it would be easy to mistake these soft images for pastel-coloured paintings. They are in fact photographs from a series by New York fine art photographer, Bill Armstrong. Entitled Partial Appearances, it's a "meditation on self, identity and the psychological state of in-betweenness that reflects the transitional nature of contemporary life", as the description reads.… read more