Ann Gale | Gloria with Blue Reflection, 2020 | Oil on Masonite | 16 x 12 inches

Juxtapoz | Ann Gale: Painter of Accrued Intimacy

April 2021

Ann Gale’s work is observational. She utilizes familiar models who sit for long periods of time in her studio in the Pacific Northwest, where good light is scarce for much of the year, thus making it a mutable element to contend with. As a result, the visage presented is one that captures gravity and its effect on the model, while chasing an elusive light that makes itself variably known. The artist struggles between the act of deep knowledge and familiarity with her models and the challenge of capturing them in transition as illumination shifts. The resulting completed canvases combine both the heavily worked adjustments in the contours of paint color and texture with the tonal elements that make up how we view and perceive light sources, particularly those reflecting off of the human body and its surroundings.… read more

Ann Gale, Robert in Mother's Chair, 2019, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 42 inches

American Art Collector | Direct Observations: Ann Gale’s Portraits are Living Embodiments of the People She Observes over Time and Space

April 2021

The dark side of Paul Cézanne came out when he admonished a model who moved during a sitting. He said, “You wretch! You’ve spoiled the pose. Do I have to tell you again you must sit like an apple? Does an apple move?”… read more

Ann Gale in American Federation of Arts' travelling exhibition - "For America: Paintings from the National Academy of Design"

June 2019

The American Federation of Arts (AFA) is pleased to announce the national tour of For America: Paintings from the National Academy of Design, an exhibition created in collaboration with the National Academy of Design (NAD).… read more

Painter's Table reviews Ann Gale at the Fralin Museum

Refiguring the Grid: Ann Gale at the Fralin Museum

January 2017

“Ann Gale: Portraits” - at the Fralin Museum (University of Virginia) through February 12th - portrays, more than individual likenesses, encounters between painter and sitters. Like many contemporary figure painters, Gale revisits turf opened by post-Impressionists and early modernists, before the nude’s role in western painting was further degraded by extreme political adaptations, then repressed by just critiques of its objectifications. Gale’s semi-clad people have names and gaze back with psychological agency, almost resisting their not quite comfortable environments. Yet her enterprise is foremost a formal one: imagery takes shape with constant reference to the matrix of the picture plane. Renewing Mondrian’s evolution from trees to abstract axes, Gale’s naturalistic investigations venture on and off the grid.… read more

Ann Gale: Portraits opens at the Fralin Museum of Art

September 2016

We are pleased to present works by American figurative painter Ann Gale, Chair and Professor of Painting and Drawing, at the University of Washington. Largely composed of oil paintings, with a few preparatory sketches, this exhibition features portraits, painted from models in the studio, that reveal the often unseen interconnectedness between sitter, room, atmosphere and artist.… read more

John Seed addresses 'Discombobulation' in Painting

Interrupted Images: Discombobulation In Painting Is Definitely A Thing

September 2016

When an invitation for a show by Kai Samuels-Davis recently appeared in my inbox, I had an immediate reaction to his work: “This artist is definitely a discombobulator.” Yes, an explanation is in order.… read more

Shannon in Passage, 2016 | Oil on canvas | 48 x 42 inches

Visual Art Source features Ann Gale

April 2016

Ann Gale continues her decades-long exploration of portraiture and the figure in new paintings and several graphite-on-paper studies. Subjects, which include self-portraits, are on the older side, at times heavy-set, and not portrayed to be glamorous; these are ordinary faces and bodies. Expressions tend toward neutral or contemplative. And the palette is subdued, with moments of perhaps a bright crimson red...… read more

Shawna in Lines, 2016 | Oil on canvas | 58 x 44 inches

Fine Art Connoisseur previews Ann Gale

New Works from Ann Gale

February 2016

The acclaimed painter Ann Gale will present an eclectic range of her latest works at Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco this March. Featuring oil paintings on canvas, linen-wrapped panels, and copper, as well as graphite works, there is sure to be something for every connoisseur to enjoy beginning March 3.… read more

"Portrait with Orange Scarf," 2014, oil on linen-wrapped Masonite, 14 x 11 in. Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects

Fine Art Connoisseur reviews new Ann Gale paintings

Fractured Figures

February 2015

By intently observing the contours and colors that compose her figures, Ann Gale creates paintings that meditate on the very act of looking. Figurative painter Ann Gale (b. 1966) is exhibiting a selection of artworks that manifests her powerful sense of vision and remarkable ability to manipulate paint. Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects in New York is currently hosting a solo show of 10 recent artworks by Gale, who is receiving her first exhibition at the gallery. "Ann Gale: Paintings and Drawings" features six paintings and four drawings, to be precise. The artworks on view are mostly of a modest scale, though the show does feature one larger piece, "Peter with Striped Kimono." The exhibition opened in early January and is now entering its final weekend; it will close on February 15.… read more

Ann Gale featured on Hyperallergic

An Extraordinary Studio Artist in a Post-Studio Era

February 2015

As I have written previously, there is a lot of very good painting going on these days. It is just that you are not likely to see much of it at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, at least in recent memory. These institutions are too busy proving the “death of painting” to recognize that narrative as just one among many, while the hidden or lesser known ones are where the real vitality lies, even in what might be considered the most conservative approach: the studio artist painting from the model. But if you are hung up on such labels, then you are more content with what is offered at brand name retail outlets than you are with actual looking. After all, it is easier to have someone else make up your mind for you.… read more

Rachel with Blue, 2012

DeWitt Cheng reviews Ann Gale's exhibition for Visual Art Source

Ann Gale

January 2013

The densely worked, emotionally charged paintings of Ann Gale manifestly rebut any resistance to painterly realism. The sixteen oil paintings here venture into various substrates (canvas, masonite, copper, panel, linen on panel), a pair of graphite drawings, and four works that lie between drawing and painting in oil and graphite on vellum. Friends and acquaintances of the artist pose for these traditional-format portraits — a term that the artist, surprisingly, has only recently accepted.… read more

Robert With Grey Shirt, 2012

Kenneth Baker reviews Ann Gale's exhibit at Dolby Chadwick, San Francisco Chronicle

Ann Gale extracts delight amid bleakness

January 2013

To liken the work of Seattle painter Ann Gale to that of the late Lucian Freud would feel like overpraising it. Yet they apparently shared a belief in depictive painting as an irreplaceable mode of scrutinizing humanity. Like Freud, Gale concentrates on portraiture. She also dislikes the term "portrait" because it encourages viewers to ascribe a clairvoyance to the painter, while what painters actually know better than anyone is their sitters' - and everyone else's - opacity.… read more