Peter Turning, 2013

Ann Gale

March 3 — April 2, 2016

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is delighted to announce the exhibition of recent work by Seattle-based artist Ann Gale, on view from March 3 to April 2, 2016. The artist will present oil paintings on canvas, linen-wrapped panel, and copper, as well as works in graphite on paper. In a day and age when our society seems obsessed with speed, and with viewing—and dismissing—multitudes of images streaming over the airwaves or bombarding us through the portals of social media, it is a revelation to contemplate the work of an artist such as Gale, who spends months, if not years, studying a single pose taken by one of her models.… read more

Rachel with White Robe, 2011

Ann Gale

December 6, 2012 — February 2, 2013

People have comprised Gale’s primary, if sole, subject matter for a significant part of her career. As her subjects’ faces and bodies bear the greatest expressive weight and are rendered in the densest detail, her paintings are commonly regarded as portraits. Gale, however, has only recently become comfortable with the term “portrait,” settling into this art-historically-loaded though increasingly elastic concept as it’s deployed in different contexts and by different writers, artists, and scholars. Looking beyond the question of how we should look at the work, however, enables a deeper appreciation of the paintings as aesthetic and affective objects. That each face and body exudes a similar gravity—even solemnity—of expression causes the viewer to not only wonder who these people are… read more