All That is Solid Melts Into Paint: An Essay on the Works of Alex Kanevsky

October 2020

Alex Kanevsky’s exhibition of new work at Dolby Chadwick Gallery focuses on the human figure. Whether lying on a bed, sharing a meal, or riding a horse, each subject appears in syncopation with their surroundings. Each painting comprises still life, landscape, and portrait. Interior and exterior are mutable as subject and environment exist in a shared space. Color and marks flow like air, light, and water to bind the animate with the inanimate through splotches, drips and blurs.… read more

Alex Kanevsky in Harper's Magazine

April 2019

Dinner with Dear Friend, a painting by Alex Kanevsky, whose work was on view last May at Guido Romero Pierini, in Paris. Courtesy the artist and Hollis Taggart, New York City… read more

Alex Kanevsky featured in American Art Collector

Ends and Beginnings

November 2018

Through December 1, Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco, which has represented the artist for more than 15 years, will present the solo show Fin de Siècle featuring . Kanevsky’s latest paintings. The title for the show, which translates from French to endof the century, is a term often used to define the ending of one era and the beginning of another. It has particularly been used to describe the end of the 19th century, when it marked hope for a new beginning.… read more

"Artist As Subject" preview from Blouin ArtInfo

'Artist as Subject' at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco

July 2017

Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, is presenting ‘Artist as Subject’, a special group exhibition to mark the gallery’s 20th anniversary.… read more

John Seed addresses 'Discombobulation' in Painting

Interrupted Images: Discombobulation In Painting Is Definitely A Thing

September 2016

When an invitation for a show by Kai Samuels-Davis recently appeared in my inbox, I had an immediate reaction to his work: “This artist is definitely a discombobulator.” Yes, an explanation is in order.… read more

Rosy's House, 2015 | Oil on linen | 66 x 66 inches

DeWitt Cheng reviews Alex Kanevsky's exhibition "Unstable Equilibrium"

October 2015

‘Unstable equilibrium’ is an oxymoron, but one that neatly captures the synthesis of opposites that painting can embody. Artists and art theorists are fond of setting up stylistic dichotomies—drawing vs color, realism vs abstraction, intellectuality vs emotion, style vs content, aestheticism vs social engagement—and then arguing for the absolute rightness of one visual principle while condemning the other. William Blake, for example, a stylistic antiquarian who exalted “the hard & wiry line of Rectitude,” condemned Sir Joshua Reynolds and other stylish “Blotters & Smearers.” As eminent as Blake and Reynolds were, despite their aesthetic opposition, a lot of art then and now manages to occupy the middle ground between modes with no loss of individuality or quality.… read more

Conversation, 2015, oil on canvas, 46 x 66

Squarecylinder reviews Alex Kanevsky's 'Unstable Equilibrium."

Alex Kanevsky @ Dolby Chadwick

October 2015

One thing we can say for certain about the Lithuania-born painter Alex Kanevsky is that he is an unabashed romantic. He paints with a bravura technique and uses its seductions to disarm viewers like me who tend to dismiss painting that issues its appeal in purely “retinal” terms. His main subjects are women in dishabille. They appear on beds and on beaches and in empty rooms and pools –languorously posed in places where radiant sunlight, azure waters and crumpled sheets call to mind playgrounds of the superrich. However Kanevsky is not making any kind of social or political statement. He is above all else a sensualist and a formalist. He paints to describe the eternal tug-o-war between the tangible and the ineffable, and, more specifically, to chart how bodies behave at different points on that continuum.… read more

Fishing in America, 2015, oil on linen, 44 x 66 inches

John Seed Interviews Alex Kanevsky for the Huffington Post

October 2015

Alex Kanevsky, whose work is on view at Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco, is a virtuoso paint-pusher whose images seem to shift and morph across time and space. In his current exhibition, "Unstable Equilibrium," figures appear both indoors and outdoors, and are hoisted from the mundane into the mythical by Kanevsky's unexpected yet confident brushwork. A master of the alchemical possibilities of paint, Alex Kanevsky is one of today's most accomplished and dynamic representational painters.… read more

Alex Kanevsky’s painting on the cover of Harper’s Magazine.

May 2013

Alex Kanevsky’s painting, Interior with Meat, is featured on the May cover of Harper’s Magazine.… read Harper's Magazine article

Monet in His Garden, 2012

Huffington Post Arts & Culture interviews Alex Kanevsky regarding his recent show at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Alex Kanevsky Is 'On Our Radar': Philadelphia Painter Reveals Why An Art Career Kills All The Fun

March 2013

Alex Kanevsky's paintings don't depict a moment in time, but the mysterious space before, after and during an event. The Russian-born painter attempts to capture the evasive nature of memory and the poetry of failure. His figurative works provide more questions than answers, from his portrayals of anonymous twins submerged in adjacent tubs or Claude Monet gardening in a psychedelic wash of paint. To find out more, we reached out to Kanevsky.… read more

"For Miguel de Unamuno II" (1985) oil, magna, charcoal, pastel and collage on paper by Jim Morphesis

Kenneth Baker reviews "Heads" exhibition curated by Peter Selz at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

"Heads" minus tales

April 2011

Art historian and museum director emeritus Peter Selz, now in his 90s, has a longer view than most of what has persisted and what has expired in the art of several generations past. So his choice of "Heads" as the theme of the show he assembled for Dolby Chadwick warrants serious reflection. Significantly, Selz sidelines the notion of portraiture, although several things on view announce themselves as portraits or self-portraits. "Heads" encompasses both living and dead, portrait and mask, individual and symbol.… read more

Irish Cow, 2010

Kenneth Baker reviews Alex Kanevsky’s exhibition "Heroes and Animals" San Francisco Chronicle

Kanevsky at Dolby

October 2010

In Christopher Brown's "A Gardner's Notebook" at Berggruen and Alex Kanevsky's "Heroes and Animals" at Dolby Chadwick we see two painters seeking resistance within their art form.… read more